About Us

We focus on providing the highest quality bully sticks available online. Our bully sticks are from suppliers that maintain strict quality standards. They come from strictly grass fed bulls with no hormones added. We sell USA MADE bully sticks which are sourced & processed in the USA. We also carry limited amounts of imported Jumbo, Thick, and Braided bully sticks.

Bully Sticks For Dogs

Bully Sticks are a fibrous bull muscle which is cleaned thoroughly and stretched or twisted into a shape.  It is then dried in the sun or baked in an oven.  The result is a 30 to 40 inch golden brown stick which is cut down to appropriate sizes for dogs and a select few adventurous cats.  Read more about Bully Sticks For Dogs.

Cleans Teeth

The natural massaging of the gums and teeth make bully sticks a very healthy treat.  This also produces saliva in the dogs mouth which reduces plaque and tartar build up.

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