10 (More) Budget Friendly Breeds

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Last week we discussed ten of the most budget friendly dog breeds to own, and why they were so budget friendly. This week we will discuss another ten dogs, just in case none of those dogs fit your fancy. Let’s take a look at this weeks’ budget friendly breeds.

bull dog among top 10 budget friendly breeds


  1. Chihuahua: The smallest of all the dog breeds, the chihuahua is also one of the most affordable. A chihuahua needs the smallest amounts of space to be completely content, has low food consumption, topping the scales at around 10 lbs. Additionally, they have very minimal grooming needs. They do tend to get health issues as they age though, which can be a little expensive if not taken care of in their early years.
  2. Manchester Terrier: This dog is lively, with the energy of a collie. However, it is smaller and easier to keep. This terrier also will live for about 15 years as a companion to you and your family. Keep this dog in shape and you will be able to avoid the health bills that come with this breed.
  3. Jack Russell: This breed is easy to please, and a classic dog for any type of family. Unfortunately, this dog is a little more expensive to breed than other dogs. The Jack Russell does need his own space, so he does best in a home without small children.
  4. Mexican Hairless: An easy to keep dog, the Mexican Hairless is inexpensive as well as have very little need of exercise. You don’t need a lot of time or money to keep the Mexican Hairless happy.
  5. Australian Shepherd: This midsized dog is not only cheaper to board than big dogs, but is beautiful, loves to play and requires minimal upkeep. The biggest health issue for the Australian Shepherd is blindness. These dogs do, however, require time and exercise.
  6. Glen of Imaal Terrier: This smaller breed is happy in a small home or apartment, doesn’t need a ton of exercise and only weighs about 35 lbs full grown. It is also more intelligent than many breeds, which makes it easy to train and shedding is minimal.
  7. Rat Terrier: This little guy was bred for pest control and is very easy and low budget to maintain. An added bonus is that this guy is happy to live anywhere. Additionally, this dog does not need pampering and is extremely friendly to other dog breeds and people. The rat terrier as short hair and sheds very little, so don’t fear when he climbs up on the couch with you.
  8. Cane Corso: This big boy is strong and energetic. He is also quiet and smart so you won’t have to spend fortune on training and move miles away from your neighbors. Even though they are big, they are also great around children with their gentle nature.
  9. Maltese: A great companion dog, the Maltese is a friend. Even though the coat is long, the Maltese is not a big shedder. It’s appetite is also small, and the Maltese only reaches about five lbs at its largest.
  10. Boston Terrier: Perfect for families with kids, the Boston Terrier is great with kids, loving and very friendly. Additionally, as far as grooming needs go, the Boston Terrier needs very little. Weighing up to 25 lbs, the Boston Terrier is fairly lightweight and not a huge eater, saving you money. This dog will need chew toys though, because he was originally bred as a fighter, and will need something to stimulate him while you are away.


Of course, these are just a few of the best, cheapest dog breeds to own. There are more than can help save your family money, especially when the kids are begging for a puppy.  Remember, try to find a dog that is relatively lightweight, doesn’t shed a lot and has a long life, and you will be good to go.


If none of these dogs fit your fancy, here are some runners up you should also check out:

  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Affenpinscher
  • Feist
  • Mutts


Don’t be afraid to get a mix, they can be as fun and playful as the full bred dog and provide your family with plenty of fun!

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