4 Dog Chews That Are Easily Digestible

Updated: February 19, 2019 at 8:42 pm, Author: admin

Whether you use them as a reward or to help teach your dog some new tricks, dog treats and chews are a great way to bond with your pet.

Most chews supplement a proper diet well, but make sure to monitor how much or how often you open that treat bag. If your dog is anything like most canines, he’ll happily gobble up anything you give him, so keep track of those calories. It is best if treats account for less than 10% of his daily intake. Also remember that any large chunks (digestible or not) can be a choking or intestine blocking hazard, so keep an eye on Fido when he’s chomping away.

There are many types of digestible dog chews available, but in general they are usually considered safer than hard chews like animal bones. Consult your vet for individualized advice, especially if allergies are involved.

Here are some of the most common types of digestible dog chews



dog biscuitsDog treat biscuits come in different sizes and shapes, and are often either soft or crunchy like kibble. They also have a huge variety of flavors, from chicken and lamb to peanut butter and bacon. Your dog might have a preference for certain shapes or flavors, so you’ll have to experiment to find their favorites. For older dogs with more brittle teeth, soft biscuit style treats tend to be good since they aren’t as hard to chew on.


Jerky Treats

Freeze dried or smoked, jerky treats are similar to the jerky we humans snack on. For dogs, these jerky treats often come in flavors other than just beef, including things like chicken, liver, and seafood. Most dogs find jerky treats quite tasty; however, several brands of jerky treats have recently made the news earlier this year for sickening and possibly causing the deaths of more than 1,000 dogs. Watch your dog for illness when trying jerky treats, and make sure to research their safety beforehand if possible.


Bully Sticks

Also known as beef sticks or pizzle sticks, bully sticks are all natural and 100% beef. They are made from dried and smoked bull muscle which has been well cleaned and then stretched or twisted into a braided shape before being baked, smoked, and/or dried. They also come in various lengths and thicknesses to suit the size and needs of your dog. Especially if you have an aggressive chewer, braided bully sticks tend to last a long time and are considered one of the safer chews since they are unlikely to splinter.


Pig Ears

The dried ears of a pig, these chews are a tasty and popular digestible treat. However, they are also controversial as a “healthy treat” due to their high fat content and similarity to rawhide. Some types are also processed with unsafe chemicals, so be careful about where you get them. For any dog, and especially those that are at risk for obesity, be sparing with or avoid giving them pig ears to chew on.

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