5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog out of Your Garden

Updated: February 19, 2019 at 12:34 pm, Author: admin

dog in the gardenYou do not want your dogs snacking on your prized perennials or heirloom tomatoes, though you do want them to eat well. You also want them to leave your daffodils alone and not dig them up. But, how can you let your furry friends out into the yard to do their business without saying goodbye to your garden? For many of us, standing beside them and watching their every move is not an option. Fortunately, we have come up with five tips to help your garden survive until harvest.

5 Dog and Garden Tips

Use a Natural Spray

To your dog, your vegetable garden is a veritable salad bar. Spray plants with pungent apple bitter or white vinegar to keep your pet away. Your dog as well as squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles, whiteflies, aphids, and other backyard pests will be repelled if you plant marigolds between your rows of vegetables. Deer and rabbit repellents that contain coyote urine should not be applied. If you do this, dogs will leave an odor of their own or roll around in your sprayed plants since they love the smell of urine.

Create a Path for Your Pet

Make your dog a path of his own if he leaves the vegetables alone when he cruises through your garden. Along your pooch’s favorite route, you can place a spare piece of carpet or even lay down some mulch. Your garden design may need to be altered a bit. However, it would be much worse watching your pet plunge through your zucchini and flowers.

Sprinkle These powders / flakes and they will run!

Around your plants, sprinkle red pepper flakes or powdered mustard. Your pet will be discouraged from returning to the area after they get a few licks or sniffs of these unpleasant tastes.

Put up Barriers

Around your plants or garden, place bushes or thick plants.  Your dog will not want to enter the restricted area because of how hard it would be to get through.

Fence Dogs Out or In

A sixteen inch fence border will discourage your small dogs from trampling your seedlings and mark the perimeter of your garden. You can fence out rabbits and deer as well as larger dogs when you encase your vegetables in a chicken wire cage featuring a top enclosure. Or, you can contain your dog in a play area that is filled with interesting treats and toys and that is roomy. Do not give your dog a bone if he likes to bury things however. Instead, get his mind off of digging by keeping him preoccupied with chew toys and treats.

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