Are Bully Sticks a Calorie Dense Junk Food or a Healthy Dog Treat?

Updated: February 19, 2019 at 8:08 pm, Author: admin

One of today’s most popular dog treats has recently come under scrutiny with some suggesting too much may be bad for you. This post will look at the evidence surrounding the number of calories in bully sticks and how they are still one of the healthiest alternatives available.

The Evidence

white dog laying on a benchAs an all-natural snack for your canine friend, bully sticks have garnered a lot of praise lately. However, a recent study from the University of Tufts found that moderate use is best. Scientists were mainly looking at the number of calories contained in these healthy protein sticks. To stay in shape, it should be noted that dogs do not need to consume very many calories each day.
According to the research results, the average snack contained as few as nine calories per inch and as many as 22 calories per inch. This means that on average, there are 80 calories in a six inch bully stick. That is fewer calories than you would find in your average fortune cookie.
The sample in the study was selected from retailers across the United States and Canada, and there were only 26 different major brands of bully sticks involved. Most major brands are known to be of lower quality than you would find “unbranded” due to their corporate nature. Some of the lower quality pizzles in the study were found to be contaminated with bacteria. Fortunately, dogs have a more robust immune system than humans. This is also a great reason not to buy the lowest cost bully sticks, or ones that do not come from the United States or South America.

What Does the Evidence Mean?

First, we will address the caloric level. Some dogs can take up to a week to decimate a bully stick. Some eat their stick in one day. The dogs that do eat sticks quickly tend to be more active and burn more calories. In fact, the act of chewing on their healthy little snack helps them burn calories. The smaller dogs, who need less calories, also tend to take longer to eat bully sticks.
Bully Stick Shoppe only sells high quality bully sticks that are made in USA. The bully sticks we sell are made of 100 percent all-natural beef. Beef is the one and only ingredient. There are no preservatives, hormones, chemicals, or anything else added. We believe in keeping our furry friends healthy.
In conclusion, in the wake of this study, it is clear that bully sticks are quite nutritious. When compared to alternatives, like rawhide, bully sticks are especially safe and healthy. Just make sure you are getting the most natural product you can, like the bully sticks found at In a future article, we will cover the detrimental health effects that dried chicken treats for dogs could pose. Most are riddled with sugar as a “filler” ingredient (especially the brightly colored ones) and should be avoided at all costs.

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