Is it Safe to Give Your Puppy a Bully Stick?

Updated: February 23, 2019 at 3:31 pm, Author: Alice

Whether your puppy is a serial chewer and you want to break the habit, or you just want to give him a treat because you love him, bully sticks are just the chew toy you’ve been looking for. Many puppy owners are hesitant to give their new family member a bully stick, however, for fear that they will choke on it or eat it and have a hard time digesting it. While such fears are completely valid, they’re unwarranted when it comes to American made bully sticks.

The “Made in the U.S.A.” Difference

Our bully sticks at the Bully Stick Shoppe are made in America, which means that you can trust that they contain nothing but the best and safest ingredients for dogs and puppies alike. Unlike chew toys, dog bones, and bull pizzles made in other countries, those made in American have to meet FDA standards, which means that there is no room for unsafe ingredients. Moreover, our bully sticks are all natural beef, with no additives or preservatives. This makes them healthy for your pup, and easily digestible—because, let’s face it, bull pizzles are so tasty, they were meant to be eaten.

How Our Products Are Made

Bull pizzles are made from the dried muscles of bulls, which are then stretched, braided, and sundried to create the familiar chew toy that dogs everywhere know and love. The result is a 30 to 40 inch treat, dried to perfection, which can be cut down to size (typically 6 or 12 inches) for your puppy to enjoy.

Additionally, thanks to the organic unity of the various processes used to create this delicious treat, and due to the fact that all processes are completed in a single building, our bull pizzles are odor free—which means that you will love them just as much as your pup does!

Types of Bully Sticks That are Safe for Your Puppy

chocolate lab puppy chewing somethingBully sticks come in all shapes and sizes, so when it comes to finding the safest one for your pup, be sure to measure correctly. At our shop, we recommend buying a treat that sticks out of both ends of your pup’s mouth, otherwise it presents a choking hazard. Additionally, if there is not enough stick for the dog to chew on for a while, it won’t offer the oral hygiene benefits the product is known for.

Some bully sticks are cut into sections, while some retailers offer the full 30” to 40” long braid. If you choose a cut section, again, choose one that sticks out both sides of your pup’s mouth. Other retailers offer twisted rings, which are a great option for smaller dogs and new puppies.

Finally, when picking out the perfect treat for the new member in your life, consider whether you would like a pizzle made from free-range cattle or organically raised cattle, or one that was made using only natural preservatives. The more natural the ingredients, the better it will be for your puppy.

Does the Product Pose Any Risks?

Just as with all things in life, bully sticks aren’t guaranteed to be risk free. They can be bitten into small chunks by determined puppies, which then create a choking hazard. In some instances, intestinal blockage may occur. However, with the right amount of supervision—which every puppy needs anyway—you can prevent your four-legged friend from hurting himself on his new treat.

What Are the Alternatives?

If, for whatever reason, you still do not want to give your new family member a bull pizzle even after reading about all the potential benefits of doing so, there are other, just as healthy, alternatives. For instance, some new puppy owners prefer to give their dogs Kong toys, which can be stuffed with a canned dog puppy food and frozen for their later enjoyment. This is a great alternative, as the final product is chewable, feels good on their teeth, and can be safely digested.

Deer or elk antlers are another safe alternative, as they are extremely durable, and therefore almost impossible for your pup to bite into small chunks. They also provide outstanding oral hygiene benefits for growing puppies and adult dogs alike.

While you might consider giving your new friend rawhide or cooked bones, don’t. Rawhide has been known to cause choking and intestinal blockage, while cooked bones can splinter and tear up your puppy’s intestines. Neither is a safe option for puppies or adult dogs.

Bully Sticks Are the Better Option

Bully sticks truly are the best option when it comes to treats for your puppy. Bull pizzles are made from nothing but 100 percent beef, and are at least 80 percent protein in their dried form. The glucosamine and chondroitin in them helps to support bone growth and joint health in growing puppies. As an added bonus, these treats are fun to chew on and provide gum relief to teething puppies, which means your new family member won’t attack your shoes or furniture when they get the urge to chew.

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