wholesale bulk bully sticks packed on shelves

Bulk Bully Sticks


  • -Made In The USA
  • -100% Beef
  • -Odor Free
  • -No Hormones or Preservatives
  • -Easily Digestible
  • -All Natural, Grass Fed , Free Range Cattle

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Bully Sticks Made In The USA

If your dog loves his bully sticks, chances are they will end up on the couch. Keep your nose happy with USA Made odor free bully sticks. Dogs across the country agree that Bully Stick Shoppe’s USA Bully Sticks are their favorite. We suggest the Jumbo size for the heavy chewers, and Thick for lighter chewers and smaller dogs. All of our bully sticks are made from one ingredient and one ingredient only: 100 percent natural USA sourced beef. Not all dogs get to realize what a natural and healthy dog food product USA made bully sticks are.

How Are No Odor Bully Sticks Made?

Fibrous bull muscle is used to make USA bully sticks. The muscle is twisted or stretched into shape after it is cleaned thoroughly. The muscle is then baked in an oven or dried in the sun to both preserve it and provide it with its chewy texture. To make the USA made bully sticks easier for your pet to enjoy, the dried and preserved sticks are then cut down in size from their natural 26 – 32 inch length. These bully stick’s odor free properties are thanks to all processing happening in the same building. This ensures they do not keep moisture on them for a long period of time during processing.