Chicken Jerky Strips
Chicken jerky strips

Chicken Breast Jerky Treats USA Made 6oz


Product Description

chicken jerky dried on a boardYou enjoy jerky, so it would make sense that your dog would also enjoy all natural chicken jerky treats too! Jerky is all the rage these days, and while you have a choice from a number of different meats—beef, gator, bison—chicken really is the most healthy and natural choice for your pup! Chicken jerky is the perfect snack to take with you on long walks or to the dog park. Throw a piece to your pup while you’re out and about. Our chicken jerky treats are 100% all-natural chicken breasts, with no preservatives or additives whatsoever. Best of all, it’s made right here in the USA and is FDA approved.

Why Choose Our Chicken Jerky for Dogs Made in USA

Customers keep coming back to the Bully Stick Shoppe for their dog treats for one reason: we sell high quality, all natural products. Unfortunately, too many companies sell chicken products that are making dogs ill. The products in question come from China and Australia. The FDA has issued a warning to dog owners everywhere to beware of foreign made dog treats, and that if you’re going to reward your pup with chicken strips, make sure they are safe, thast is made only from all-natural, USDA-approved-chicken meat.

At the Bully Stick Shoppe, our chickens are all free range and allowed to grow to maturity without any harmful steroids, hormones or antibiotics. They are fed a well-rounded vegetarian diet that contains all the nutrients they need to produce the best possible meat for your pup. We recognize the importance of well-raised poultry and wouldn’t bring you products that were made from anything but pure natural chicken gluten free.

Why Dogs Love Our Treats

It goes without saying that dog owners love our chicken treats because they are similar to homemade and safe. However, what makes DOGS love our treats so much?

  • They’re tasty
  • They’re fun to chew
  • They come in all of your dogs favorite flavors, including peanut butter, BBQ
  • You can dip them in any of your pup’s favorite sauces for extra flavor
  • They’re healthy, which means you’re willing to give out more for your dog to snack on

Really, our chicken treats are a win/win for everyone. If you’re looking for a healthy, all natural treat for your furry friend, shop our selection of treats at the Bully Stick Shoppe. None of our products contain any harmful preservatives or ingredients, and each and every one is made right here in the USA. Just read the reviews below if you are not sure, and add yours if you are our buyer already.