Chicken Wafer Treats 6oz


Product Description

chicken treats wafersHealthy, delicious and the perfect bite-sized snack, our chicken wafers are a favorite treat of dogs everywhere. Made from 100% chicken breast, these treats are high in protein and other natural nutrients that will keep your dog looking and feeling their very best. Once you give your dog one treat, he’ll quickly be begging for more. Our treats are packed in a convenient jar with a handle. Take them with you to the park and reward your pooch after he retrieves his ball. If you’re so inclined, take the jar on a run with you, and toss your dog treats every now and then to keep him motivated and his energy up.

Made in the USA, our chicken wafers are FDA approved and comprised of 100% USDA approved chicken. Our chickens are raised in a cage free environment and fed a high quality vegetarian diet. They are not given harmful hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and are instead allowed to mature naturally. The result? Chicken treats that are truly the best option for your furry friend. Though small, our treats are high in protein and pack a powerful flavor. Crunchy and easy to break into bite-sized pieces, dogs of all sizes can enjoy these palatable treats without worry.

Proudly made of 100% chicken, right here in the USA.

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