Top 5 Dog Party Themes & Tips for Throwing The Ultimate Dog Party

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Your pooch may not be able to dance the congo and blow out candles on a cake (or can she?), but she deserves a day of recognition too! If you consider yourself a pet parent as opposed to a dog owner, and if your pet is turning another year older, treat them to a day they’ll never forget by throwing the ultimate dog party.

Chihuahua, birthday cake and candles

If you’re hesitant to throw Fido a birthday bash because you’re worried that your guests won’t have a good time (after all no one wants to eat a cake made of dog treats!), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Use this guide to come up with a theme, select all the best party favors and put together all the best doggie-dishes that humans can enjoy too!


Top 5 Dog Party Themes


1. Hot-Dog BBQ

family with a dog on a party picnic

If your pooch’s big day lands in the warmer months, host a Hot-Dog BBQ fully equipped with a hot-dog bar. Serve up condiments in cute little doggie bowls and paw-tato chips on the side. Place framed pictures of your pup in the center of each table to remind everyone of why they’re there, and tie dog-shaped Mylar balloons around the backyard. For desert, serve up doggie-inspired cupcakes and pupcakes, or have a tiered cake made and place little dog figurines at the top for cake toppers.

cakes table

Let your dog enjoy his party too, and serve him chicken treats for his entrée. So that he doesn’t feel left out, shape them into a hotdog before cooking. While everyone is enjoying their cake, give your dog a bully stick so he can eat dessert with everyone else.

2. Come, Sit, Stay

dog in a b-day hat

What better way to celebrate your pooch than to show off all his tricks to your friends! Invite them over to relax for a bit and enjoy each other’s company. Hand out doggie ear headbands as they enter, and let your pup rock the birthday crown—it’s his day! Treat your guests to Pupparoni pizza, puppy chow, pupcorn and “chew sticks.” Don’t forget to save a bully stick for your pup’s dessert!

pup treats

Decorate with signs that read, “Let’s Paw-ty” and “This Way to the Paw-ty,” and have balloons tied to fake fire hydrants throughout the house. Place juice and other drinks in dispensers marked with humorous tags like, “Toilet Water” and “Bone Apatite.”

puppy adoption table

For the children, have an “Adoption Center,” with little stuffed pups they can take home as souvenirs. Have adoption certificates printed out that they can fill out once they select their new pet.

3. Go, Dog. Go!

dog in a hat with cake and birthday written behind

It’s a dog party, a big dog party! Everyone loves the children’s classic, and your pooch will too. Treat your pup to a big dog party and have all your guests wear their wackiest hats. Set up a game of miniature bean-bag toss, and use a board designed as a stoplight. Let the kids make their own party hats of newspaper and paint, and put together your own dog-themed music mix to get everyone in the spirit. Think “Dog Days are Over,” Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog,” Billy Currington’s “Like My Dog,” Paul Anka’s “Puppy Love,” and Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

4. Scooby, Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Scooby Doo party table for Rupert, 6

Invite Scooby, the gang and the Mystery Machine to your home for a day of fun and adventure to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Scooby Doo cake

Put together a mystery that your guests must solve, and then reward them with Scooby snacks and a Scooby cake, and a Made in the USA bully stick for your pup.

Scooby decorated invitation

Decorate like you’re living in the 70s, and just remember: you can never have too much flower power!

5. Snoopy and Friends

Snoopy and friends puppy birthday style

Everyone loves Snoopy and the gang, which is why you can never go wrong with a party inspired by these classic characters.

Snoopy's home

Make a party snack shack designed to look just like Snoopy’s dog house, with dog bowls full of goodies for guests to eat. Serve hotdogs, nachos or burgers—it doesn’t matter, because Snoopy loves to eat!

Snoopy decoration

Offer psychiatric help (or, you know, use it as a photo booth prop), and honor Pigpen by serving chocolate pudding in “Pigpen Dirt Cups.”

Bring It All Together

Whatever theme you end up choosing, these tips will help you bring all the details together and throw the ultimate party for your pooch!

1.     Send Out the Invites

First and foremost, make a dog-friendly guest list. Invite those with pups of their own, but make sure that their dogs play well with others. Invite friends and family who know and love your dog almost as much as you do, and definitely make sure to invite those with small children.

Once you have your guest list, pick out the invites. There are hundreds of unique and affordable printable invites on Pinterest and Etsy, or you can splurge a little and have the invites made and sent to you. Pick your invite based on what theme you chose.

2.     Make the Pupcakes

dog friendly cupcakes

Make pupcakes for the pups, and regular cupcakes for your two-legged friends. There are dozens of pupcake ingredients on Pinterest and across the web that require ingredients you likely already have in your pantry, such as grain free dog pupcakes or apple crunch pupcakes. If you’re not into the whole DIY thing, there are plenty of bakeries out there that sell dog-friendly cakes. The Dog Bakery and Okra and Molly are just two bakeries that will ship to you, free of charge.


3.     Give Dog Friendly Favors

While you certainly want to make sure the humans have a going home goody bag too, don’t forget to put together party favors for your dog friends. Shop bully sticks at The Bully Stick Shoppe, and get some chicken wafers or chicken jerky to go along with them. Include home made dog biscuits with cream cheese, and top it all off with a tennis ball or other chew toy. Put it all together in a doggie bag for guests to take home when the party’s over.

pup friendly biscuits


4.     Don’t Forget the Party Hats

Nothing says “Birthday Party” like party hats! Select hats in the theme of your choosing, and then try to get each dog and their owner to rock one throughout the party. Not all dogs will be okay with wearing something on their head, and that’s okay! But the more participants you can get to dress up, the more festive your party will be.


5.     Play Fetch!

Remember, this is your dog’s day, so do what he loves most in the world and play fetch! Make sure there are plenty of balls lying around for all the dogs to enjoy, and have an area set up where their owners can play fetch with their pooches when they’re feeling up for it. Get the kids in on the action for an activity everyone can enjoy.


6.     Do a Scavenger Hunt

Put your dog’s search and rescue skills to the test by sending your dog and his friends on a scavenger hunt. Have the pups check out fun items like kongs, ropes, balls and bully sticks, then place them around your property for them to sniff out on their own. This is fun for them, and a bit of friendly competition for their owners.

At the end of the day, celebrating your dog’s birthday is really just a day to celebrate your bond with them. Your dog is your baby, and they deserve to be treated as such! So invite over all of your closest human and dog friends and host a gathering with delicious foods, tasty treats and fun games for a party everyone will enjoy.

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