How to Train a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Updated: February 23, 2019 at 4:02 pm, Author: Alice

Dogs are very loyal, loving animals. When one takes a liking to you, you can bet that he will want to always be by your side and will appreciate your presence every step of the way. Of course, this can be a problem at times as they can be prone to separation anxiety. You might find yourself dreading work trips out of town or going to places where pets are not allowed, because it will affect your furry loved one.

Thankfully, they can be trained to deal with separation anxiety. There are a few things you can do to help ease the problem:

Walking with dog

Always take them for a walk before you leave the house

You may even want to make your furry family wear a doggie backpack with extra weight. The idea is to tire him out and then reward him with treats upon returning home. This means they will be in a more quiet and submissive mood when you are away.

Give them something to keep him busy while you are away

Give your pet a treat before leaving. Bull pizzles work so well in here, because dogs naturally love them and they last a long while. The braided bully sticks in particular are perfect because the shape is ideal for playing. As a bonus, the sticks are made from FDA approved, all natural beef so there are no health risks.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Being guilty about leaving your pet behind is counter-productive. Instead of allowing you to train your dog with separation anxiety, you may end up guilting yourself out of leaving. Be calm and assertive, both for yourself and your pet’s sake.

Start Small and Take Baby Steps

Not literally, though. Try to wean your furry loved one off of being clingy by being separated from him for short periods of time. Start by staying away from him for five minutes, and as soon as he starts to grow accustomed to that length of time, extend it to thirty minutes, then try an hour, and so on. Gradually, you might be able to train them into feeling fine with not seeing you for long periods of time.

Get a Pet Sitter

And as a last resort, you could get the services of a dog sitter while you are away. If you have friends or relatives who have already developed a relationship with your furry loved one, you can ask them to watch over your pet while you are away. But there are also professional dog sitters and pet hotels that can take care of your furry family during trips.

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