He told his wife the pitbull had to go, and then the dog did this….

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Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world. In the company of a human family, dogs display loyalty and humility that can never be compared to another. They will protect the family with their lives if need be. Their friendship is also one of a kind, and the main reason they are referred to as “man’s best friend”.

There has been a story that has been retold on social media time and again, of a family that had two dogs. One of the dogs was a pit bull cross by the name of Zack that the wife had brought with her into their marriage. The dog really hated the dad and when they had a daughter, the dad worried that the dog would be a threat to the newborn baby. He promised his wife that he would kill the dog at the slightest show of trouble. However, as time went by the situation changed contrary to what he had expected.

The Newborn Meets the Dog

That day they brought their daughter home in a car seat with both their dogs sniffing and licking her with their tails wagging all the way. The dad at some point had to pull Zack away from the baby since he would not stop licking her. Zack became the daughter`s protector and watched over her all the time. Whenever she lay on the floor on a blanket the dog had one foot on the blanket closer to her.

Zack loved the daughter so much that as she grew older he would walk her to bed and slept next to her on the bed. It was like he knew the time to go upstairs for bed and would wait for her at the foot of the stairs and then accompany her up to bed. Unfortunately, five years later the dog was poisoned by a neighborhood kid and died. The family had some of the worst days of their lives. They watched amidst sobs as their little daughter as she said her goodbye to the dog as it lay on the kitchen floor.

The Story Goes

That evening at around 8 o’clock, it was time for bed and that is when it dawned on all three of us that she no longer had Zack around to walk her to bed. After five good years, there was no Zack around to take her upstairs. She stared at her mother and father in horror, then the unexpected happened. The second family dog named Sam, which also loved the girl so much but not in Zack’s league, suddenly stood up and walked over to her wagging its tail. It used its head to nudge her and stepped on the stairs and looked up at her as if beckoning her to walk with him. They both walked upstairs to bed with the little daughter tightly holding on to his neck.

Over the six years that followed until he died also, Sam always watched over her and waited for her at the foot of the stairs each night to walk her to bed. He had also become her best friend.

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