Is Your Dog A Hero?

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We’ve all heard the stories about pets that save their owners or even complete strangers lives. Many times they are dogs who have become attached to their owner and have been trained to understand a cry for help. Let’s take a look into the lives and training of some of these ever faithful pets.

Brutis: Golden Retriever

brutis dog hero

Brutis, the Golden Retriever, was a hero to his owner and her young grandchildren as they played croquet one sunny, warm, summer afternoon in 2003. The owner Fran Oreto had not seen the deadly snake sneak up on them until Brutis bravely grabbed it and held on until his owner could get the snake from him and into the freezer. Brutis had been bitten and his life was saved thanks to fast thinking owners, vets and hospital staff who secured anti-venom from a nearby pharmacy, worth nearly $900 a vial. Oreto and Brutis received the National Hero Dog Award in 2004.


Katrina: Labrador

katrina attempts to save a drowning man

Katrina, the black lab, attempted to save a drowning man from flood waters during Hurricane Katrina. Sadly, his life could not be saved and he was killed as water continued to rise. Katrina was honored at the Genesis Awards with a standing ovation and her story continues to inspire hope in the face of disaster.


Shana: Half-Breed Wolf Dog/Half German Shepard

shane dog hero

Shana was a rescue pup who had lived with Eve and Norman Fertig for almost 7 years when she went to work saving their lives.  The Fertig’s live on a property that serves as the Enchanted Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in Alden, N.Y.  On October 12, 2006 when an unexpected freak snowstorm nearly buried her owners, Shana, went looking for them when they did not return home and found them trapped in the snow. She went to work digging a tunnel through which she pulled them both back to the safety of their home and is credited with saving the elderly couples’ lives. Additionally, she slept with the Fertig’s for three days. She kept them warm enough to live until the power could be restored. She was given the Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment’s Hero’s Award for Bravery shortly after the heroic rescue.


Maya: Pitbull

maya hero dog

Angela Marcelino was saved from a male attacker in 2008 by her pit bull, Maya. Maya, like many pit bulls was in a shelter for the first few months of his life. Maya protected her owner, Angela, like not many dogs would. She put her own life on the line and was able to save Angela’s life as well as identify her attacker by specs of blood left on her forehead. The Animal Miracle Foundation named Maya the Hero Dog of 2008 and she has also been induced into the Pit bull’s Hall of Fame.


Honey: English Cocker Spaniel

dog saves from a car crash

In 2006 Honey won the dog of the year award when she saved her owner from a violent car crash, in which his SUV rolled into a deep ravine. Her own Bosch was able to release her from the car and she ran for help. She got the attention of nearby passersby and brought them back to the scene of the accident. Rescuers concluded that Bosch would have died if not for this heroic effort. Honey was only 5-months-old at the time of her heroic rescue.

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