How To Make Your Dog Stop Snoring

Updated: February 23, 2019 at 10:06 pm, Author: Alice

Do Dogs Snore?

Yes. Dogs also do snore. Just like humans, dogs can also snore. Any living thing that sleeps and breathes would snore. Snores are defined as sounds produced by the vibrations of the respiratory systems when moving air during sleep. When this happens, the airway is usually obstructed produced by the soft palate and uvula.

Some of the obstructions that causes snoring are medication, weight, body position during sleep, jaw tension. Genetics can also play a role in your dog snoring. Most dogs with a broad skull and snout nose may have this kind of problem.

Snoring usually isn’t a serious condition. Some owners have come to accept it and find the feat endearing. However, others have reported it and are bothered by it. Here are a few factors that trigger snoring in your dog.

  1. Increased weight

When your dog’s weight increases, it may cause underlying health problems like joint and heart problems. The excess weight can also cause your dog to snore. The excess weight can also cause the pharynx or soft palate to swell and obstruct the airway.

  1. The position your dog sleeps in

Sometimes, how the dog sleeps can also contribute to the cause of snoring. How your dog’s neck and head are positioned can obstruct the airway while breathing during sleep.

  1. Problems with allergies

Allergies can also cause the airways to clog. This would eventually make your dog snore while sleeping. This is especially when your dog is severely allergic to dust, pollen and smoke.

  1. Medications

When your dog is taking medications, it can also lead to snoring while they sleep. The chemicals in medicines can trigger obstructions in their airways.

  1. The dog’s age

The older your dog gets, there’s a big chance that they could develop different health conditions. Their throat tends to weaken as they age. This would subsequently cause your dog to snore.

How to Reduce Your Dog’s Snoring

Frenchie in the bed with woman, potentially he is snoring

Snoring isn’t a major health problem for most. However, there are still ways to decrease and relieve your pet from suffering from snoring.

  1. If your pooche snores constantly, it is important to make sure their bedding is always cleaned out. This would lower the chances of getting allergic to the dust and pollen. You can also vacuum your home regularly and keep the carpets free from dust.
  2. Bringing your dog out for exercise can help them reduce their weight. This would eventually lower the chances of them snoring.
  3. Try and observe the way your dog sleeps. If he shows that his sleeping position is causing him to snore, you can help by moving them slowly.
  4. Make sure that no one at home smokes. If someone does smoke, you can ask them to move to another area to do so. It is important to keep your pet in a smoke-free environment.
  5. Minor surgeries can also help decrease the chance of snoring. However, surgeries should be done when your dog is still young.

Sometimes, dogs can also show signs of illnesses through their snoring. You can have your pet examined at the vet. Often, the snoring can make your dog wake up tired and grumpy. The snores can also bother you during the night when you sleep. Consider some yoga exercising to remain calm no matter what.


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