Bulk Bully Sticks

Natural | Organic | Healthy | Easily Digested

With just one purchase, you can make sure your pet gets chewing enjoyment and daily dental health maintenance for a long time when you buy wholesale bully sticks. Your dog’s teeth are naturally cleaned while he or she indulges in a nice satisfying chew. The instinct to chew is natural for your dog. They can reduce plaque and tartar buildup while satisfying that instinct with Bulk Bully Sticks.
Odor Free Bully Sticks
You can rest assured you are getting quality when you choose odor free bully sticks made in USA. These bully sticks are thoroughly drained by doing this. Conversely, you are much more likely to end up with unpleasant residual odors when your bull sticks are not. The contents of the wholesale bully sticks for dogs are not drained when you are able to notice the distinct scent.
When you order bully sticks wholesale and have more than what your dog can eat in one week, it is best if you keep the Bulk Bully Sticks in your refrigerator or freezer in a plastic bag. If you keep them in cold storage, you can have them stay fresh longer, and you can purchase larger quantities. Thanks to natural preservation methods, bully sticks from Bully Stick Shoppe are still able to last quite a while even without the use of a refrigerator.
All of the varieties of bully sticks you will find in the Bully Stick Shoppe are made of fibrous bull muscle that is thoroughly cleaned then stretched or twisted into shape. To provide it with its chewy texture and preserve it, the muscle is then dried in the sun or baked in an oven. The 30 to 40 inch sticks produced through this process are then cut down to make them easier for your pet to enjoy.
If you are looking for a healthy treat for that good dog, or even cat, in your life, buy Bulk Bully Sticks from Bully Stick Shoppe today!

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