3 Research Studies Proving The Benefits Of Pets To Its Owners

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Being a pet owner entails a lot of patience and responsibilities. Pets need attention and care. If your pet is an active one, ensure a day full of ups and downs as they lead you to the joys of being a pet owner enjoying the benefits as well as the pains that go with it.

Pets have a remarkable capacity to love and their ability to be goofy in their attempts to make you smile is definitely one of the factors that can improve a pet owner’s health by making  him happy and feel loved. Pets are compassionate and their presence can comfort someone who is in his lowest moments.

pets are beneficial to their owners research proves

Research studies on the benefits of having a pet

The following are a few of the various research studies conducted to prove the benefits that pets can do to their owners:

  1. According to Casiotti and Zuckerman in an article published in The National Center for Health Research website, some studies revealed that having a pet, specifically a dog or a cat, can lower the risk of heart disease. In addition, the presence of pets can help lower stress which helps improve the owner’s performance making him happier and more alive to attend to the daily routine of life which includes taking care of his pet.
    Another study proved that a pet is more effective in reducing blood pressure than any popular medication when one is under high stress.  Stroking your pet and other simple bonding moments can help reduce anxiety, lower heart rates and reduce behavioral distress.
  2. A National Park Service article entitled The Health Benefits of Companion Animals listed the various studies and research that prove the various benefits that companion animals can do to their owners such as physiological, human-animal bonding, psychological, and social benefits.
  3. In an article by Connell in Psychology Today, three experiments proved a pet’s ability to make its owner happier, healthier and more well-adjusted than those who don’t have any pet.  The results showed that  a pet can satisfy its owner’s social relationship needs as well as provide them other significant benefits.

Studies Details

The first study involving 217 members showed that pet owners have higher self-esteem compared with non-owners. They were more sociable, had more friends and were healthier compared with those who don’t have pets.  These people felt less lonely and had better personalities and live a healthy lifestyle. An interesting finding was that pet owners felt closer to their pets and believed that their pets provide better support than their own families.
The second study consisting of 56 dog owners showed that pets can effectively fulfill their owners’ social needs. Their pets can help them feel less depressed and give them a sense of purpose and meaning in life. In addition, pets increase their sense of belongingness, and in many ways, they can help relieve stress. Pets help improve one’s health and well-being as well as provide social support.
Even if the first two studies were correlational, the researchers decided to conduct a third study to find out how pets benefit people. There were 97 participants who were asked to write about their pet, best friend or a draw a campus map.  As expected, those who had pets were as happy as those who wrote about their best friend while those who drew a campus map felt socially rejected.
All the three studies concluded that a pet can prevent its owner’s social rejection feeling and experience. They didn’t prove that the reason why people get a pet was that they don’t get along with others. In fact, the various research studies have proven that pets have greatly contributed to improve human relationships.

The benefits of having a pet

The research studies mentioned have contributed to the following benefits that a pet can give its owner:

  • Social support. Man is a social being but he doesn’t need to depend on other people to fulfill his sense of belongingness. Pets can fulfill this need as they serve their masters in their own ways. Their companionship is enough to keep their owner from feeling isolated from the world.
  • Improve one’s health. The research studies conclude that pet owners are happier and healthier than non-owners.  Pets can help their owners feel less stressed and it reduces their risk of a high blood pressure and other related physical issues.
  • Help improve social relationships. A pet owner needs to provide for his pet’s needs. In order to do this, he is forced to go out to the pet store or for a dog walk. This helps keep him connected to the outside world.
  • Rediscover a sense of purpose. People need to feel they belong and to feel wanted and needed. A pet can satisfy these needs. A dog needs its owner for food and to take care him.  Pets also need to play with their owners. They help their owners discover meaning in their life because they make them feel loved and needed.

The benefits of having a pet are too many to count. Pets are friends. They make you happy and are great companion during walks and rides. You enjoy petting them after an exhausting day at work. It may not be evident, but these pets can greatly help lower stress, prevent illness and improve the well-being of their owners. Bully Stick Shoppe has an article published with the stories how dogs actually saved their owners or children.

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