Small Dog Treats

Updated: May 13, 2019 at 7:56 am, Author: Alice

When it comes to buying the perfect little dog treats and dog chews for your pups, it’s essential to get the right sized chew. Though your smaller dog may have the personality of a large lab, it’s best to purchase a treat that is easy for your dog to consume and won’t cause any issues.

Larger treats for small dogs aren’t only difficult for a smaller dog to eat, but the added calories can cause your dog to gain additional weight, which should be avoided for smaller dog breeds.

Additionally (like many humans) dog’s aren’t very good at knowing when to stop eating when they’re full and will continue to eat until their stomach is upset. Choosing the right sized treat will ensure that your dog can enjoy their chew without hurting themselves or becoming ill.

Best Choice

Small dog eating ice cream

For smaller dogs that are less than 20lbs, we recommend that treats be cut into about 6 inches of length. Here are a few high-quality options to consider when searching for delicious dog treats for your small dog.

Lamb’s Ear

Not as tough for a smaller dog to chew on than cow’s or pig’s ears, lamb’s ears are easily digestible by most dog breeds. Lamb’s ear is generally considered to be low in fat as well, which helps to prevent your small dog from consuming too many extra calories.

Duck Jerky

Duck jerky is another great snack for your pup as it’s protein-rich and contains no added antibiotics. High-quality duck jerky is also generally made from just two ingredients, duck and vegetable glycerin, which makes it easy for your dog to digest.

Chicken Fillet Treats

If you’re looking for a high-protein chew that has a jerky-like texture your dogs will love, chicken filet treats fit the bill. High-quality chicken fillet treats are made with some of the highest grade meat and don’t contain any preservatives that might make your dog sick.

Best Bully Sticks For Small Dogs

If you want the absolute best treats for small dogs, bully sticks are the way to go. Made from high-quality bull pizzle, bully sticks are easy to consume and will keep your dog busy for hours.

Unlike some other dog treat options, bully sticks have a minimal amount of ingredients and are made without added preservatives.

Bully Stick Shoppe uses 100% natural beef, and most of bully sticks are made right here in the United States. Our bully sticks are odor free and do not contain any added hormones.

Bully sticks are made to last longer than other chewable options, and they are also easy for your dogs to digest, especially if you have a smaller breed. Because they are made with only a few ingredients, they reduce the chance of your dog choking or getting a piece of beef stuck in their throats.

We hope this quick guide helps you choose the best small dog treats on the market today. If you’re looking for a bully stick for your pet, there’s plenty of options to choose from!

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