The 16 Best & Weirdest Gifts For Dog Owners

Updated: February 19, 2019 at 9:18 pm, Author: admin

dog owner giftsLooking for a good gift for a dog owner? Have a look at the ideas below. Add yours in the comments!

  1. Puppy Hoodie – Made with only the softest cotton. These hoodies are made in all colors and come in multiple sizes. Perfect for your lightweight dog.
  2. Toilet Water Bowl – A water bowl that refills on its own using a large water bottle (similar to an office water cooler) and is perfect for the dog who you can’t seem to keep from finding the bathroom.
  3. Illuminated Dog Leash – The illuminated dog leash looks a little like a rope light found in the nineties. It helps the owner who has to take the little guy out for bathroom breaks in the dead of night and comes in multiple colors and lengths.
  4. The Dog Hammock – Perfect for the days or nights, when your “little guy” just can’t stop him/herself from relaxing. This hammock is great for small dogs.
  5. The Bowtie! It’s only $45 to outfit your fun loving poochie with the bowtie of your choice. They come in all colors, and patterns to leave your playful pet looking dapper and ready for any occasion.
  6. Nail polish for Pets. Not only outrageous, but completely ridiculous for your pets. It comes in all colors and is great for both a night on the town and a girl’s night in.
  7. Doggie Bubble Blower. This provides not only automated entertainment for your dog, but for you as well. These bubbles aren’t your average everyday bubbles though, they are flavored for your puppy’s convenience. Get them in bacon, peanut butter and Bar-B-Que chicken flavors for just $10 and enjoy your time with your Fido on the front lawn.
  8. Dog Sling. A cross between an arm sling and a baby carrier, this over-the-shoulder dog carrier creates a safe place for Lucky to literally hang around while he is out with you. Its an easy way to take him on a walk without exercising him and it keeps him from getting stepped on by strangers.
  9. Doggie Umbrella. We all know that not all pets enjoy the rain. Get your dog a pet umbrella that can clip onto her collar and your Belle won’t have to deal with the rain any longer. Get a stylish rain slicker and boots to go along with it and wet, smelly dog hair will become a thing of the past.
  10. Poo Trap. It’s a diaper for the dog! Strap this to your dog’s rear end and he won’t have to worry about where he squats any longer. Perfect for neighborhood revenge.
  11. Pet Tattoos. This is the weirdest of the weird in our opinion. Temporary tattoos for pets come with words, images and colors. Find the perfect one for your pet and come home happy. A timeline for these tattoos is not yet available.
  12. Canine Translator. Does your dog speak only bark? Use the handy translator to figure out what her barks mean and you’ll never have to worry about what she wants anymore.
  13. Doggie Treadmill. If your dog is a little overweight, don’t worry. A doggie treadmill will keep him/her active, without making you take him/her out for a run or walk daily. This is also good for city dwelling animals who need more exercise.
  14. Automatic Ball Thrower. Are you away on vacation but miss your dog? Or maybe you have the type of dog that needs constant stimulation. Use your automatic remote ball thrower to keep your dog entertained all day.
  15. Bully Sticks (USA made)! We had to throw these in the list at least once.  Cleans your dogs teeth, and satisfies their natural urge to chew.
  16. Last, but definitely not the weirdest on the list is the automatic puppy tweeter for the social media loving dog. You can find out what your puppy is up to with the automatic tweet collar. Whether he is napping or playing, you can easily keep track of your beloved bloodhound.

If you are looking for a weird gift for the pet lover in your family, any and all of these gifts can be found online and will make for either a great prank or a loving gift for the pug lover in your home.

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