Top 10 Budget Friendly Dog Breeds

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Dogs, while often an important member of the family, can be very expensive. Some breeds can end up costing your family well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in its lifespan. However, there are also breeds that will work well with young or older families while not breaking the bank.  Take a look at our top ten budget friendly breeds to find your next puppy pal.

Foxhound head close up


  1. American English Foxhound – Foxhounds are one of the most affordable dogs on the market. These dogs are not only affordable, they are comfortable around children, and other dogs. They also enjoy time running outside and don’t require much additional stimulation. These dogs are heavy eaters, but will not statistically have many medical issues that require the assistance of a vet.
  2. American Cockerspaniel –  This dog lives for about 10-15 years, but doesn’t consume as much food as some of the other breeds. The lower amount of food they eat makes it very easy to provide an all natural diet for them. The only issues with this breed is the history of ear infections, eye problems and hip dysplasia, which could bring about higher vet bills.
  3. Australian Terrier – This is probably one of the more expensive breeds (as a puppy) that we put on the list if you don’t adopt one (which we always strongly recommend you to do). Additionally this breed lives to about 10-12 years on average, making it a slightly shorter lifespan than many breeds. WIth a light shedding and oil producing coat, there is a whole lot of maintenance that will be required for your Australian Terrier. It can stay in the apartment/home and not cause too much of a ruckus. The best part though is that this dog is relatively free of the health issues and hereditary diseases that plague other breeds.
  4. Bolognese – Related closely to the Bichon Frise, the Bolognese reaches only about 14 lbs at its heaviest, and doesn’t require much training or exercise to be at its healthiest. Grooming will often be your biggest cost with the Bolognese.
  5. Bichon Frise – Spoken of above, the Bichon Frise is priced well if you don’t have an adoption center close by. The most pricey part of owning a Frise is its coat. The coat can be pricey if you choose to take it to a groomers; however, most owners find that they can take care of the coat relatively well at home on their own.
  6. Pug – Because of their popularity in the United States, breeders can significantly raise their price.  However you will easily find one at a shelter ready for love due to their popularity as well. If you can keep your pug’s weight stable, health and feeding problems should remain at a minimum; however, this little guy likes to overeat.
  7. Greyhound – Even though this dog is known for being a good racing dog, its slim size and athletic build keeps it from eating as much as most larger breeds. Some of these breed are known to suffer from skin sensitivity, so grooming and upkeep may be slightly more expensive. However, their low energy allows you to have less space and keep them happy.
  8. Bull Mastif – This is a massive breed. The bull mastif needs very little space and is a low energy dog. The food will become an investment as the dog grows to a large child’s size. However, the short hair will keep grooming and cleaning costs down and their lack of need for constant interaction makes these dogs great for anyone who will not be around all day, especially in their young lives.
  9. Bulldog – If you want an easy, lazy guy that is willing to lay around while you are out on the town, the bulldog is the puppy for you. The bulldog weighs in at about 40-50 lbs. Training and grooming needs are relatively low and they have short hair so cleanup is painless as well. The biggest issue with your bulldog is the weight he has a tendency to put on, which can be harmful to his health.
  10. Beagle – The beagle is a very active, outdoor dog. Bred as a hunting dog, the beagle will require frequent walks and play time. Beagles are very smart and easily trained and with their short coats, have very little shedding. These are great pets for the family on a budget.

Stay tuned for part 2 – most budget friendly breeds.


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