Top 5 XMas gifts for a dog

Updated: August 5, 2018 at 3:13 pm, Author: Alice

Christmas is right around the corner, and it is already time to jot down the annual list of gifts for your loved ones. For your human loved ones, finding a gift is easy because they are usually able to express exactly what they want. But what about your pet dog? Worry no more. We have prepared a list of five Christmas gifts that your dog will definitely appreciate.

dog xmas gifts

Dog Water Fountain

A dog water fountain gives your dog access to his own water using only his paw as a trigger. It serves a couple of very important functions. First is that it lets the dog drink water anytime he wants and without your assistance, so no more parched dogs. Second is that it doubles as his very own sprinkler that he can play in without making a mess of the garden’s actual sprinkler. This toy will get so much play during sunny summer days.


Dog Tuxedo

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is usually celebrated by people who are wearing all sorts of costumes. So why not let your pet in on the fun by giving him his own costume. The dog tuxedo is perfect because it looks real cute on your pet, but unlike those complex sci-fi costumes with arm attachments, the tuxedo is comfortable for the dog.


Chicken Treats

Your beloved pet will enjoy these chicken treats for dogs because not only do these doggie snacks taste real good, they are also fun to play with. Unlike conventional doggie treats, the chicken treats (which either come in wafer or jerky types) are made from 100% chicken breast and FDA approved, so they are perfectly safe for your pet.


A New Collar

You should always ensure that a dog’s color is in tip-top shape. Worn collars can be extremely uncomfortable, smelly, and may even harm your pet. So what better time to get your dog a new one than Christmas? Get your pet a fresh new collar that will look cute on him. You may even get him a new leash to go along with the collar.


Bully Sticks

Bully sticks for dogs are the ultimate Christmas gift, because it will be appreciated both by the dog and the pet owner. Unlike synthetic chew toys or biscuits, a bully stick is made of 100% natural beef, so dogs will not be able to resist their taste. But they are also convenient for the owners for the following reasons:

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients, bully sticks are FDA approved and pose no health risks.
  • The bully sticks are prepared and preserved in a way that gives them odor-free properties. So even if your dog keeps a few of them scattered all over, the house will not smell.
  • They come in either thick or lighter chews. No need to manually cut them down in order to accommodate different-sized dogs.


Lastly, it is always good to keep in mind that regardless of which items from the above list you choose for your pet, the best christmas gift should always come with that one thing that you can’t buy from any store: an owner’s love for her pet.

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