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Why Monster Bully Sticks Are Great For Your Dogs

If you have a dog that searches for your shoes and other items to chew and leave these things savaged on the floor, Monster Bully Sticks can be a great solution to the problem. Champion chewers are satisfied by thesebig bull pizzles because they are made for large dogs with huge chew appetite. They also work good in satisfying those that need to burn off some of their energy.

Large dogs often need to keep themselves occupied. Dog owners always want to give them the best treat to satisfy their chewing pleasure otherwise they end up ruining sturdy furniture at home.There may be lots of other chew treats such as rawhide products and bones but your pet doesn’t seem to rip right through them. However, if you give them these beef pizzles, you will eventually realize that they are the best alternative to sturdy chew treats.

What makes bully sticks a special food for your pet?

These beef stick treats are nutritious and made up of 100% beef tendon which are all natural and are safe for dogs. Their protein content is easily digestible. It contains taurine which helps improve your dog’s heart muscles and eyesight. In addition, these bull pizzles are low-fat and a good way to clean your dog’s teeth.

These beef pizzles last much longer than other similar products in the market. If your dog can’t finish a stick, you can always put it inside the fridge and your dog will continue to enjoy its crunchy tasty flavor the next time it gets hold of the Monster Bully Sticks.

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