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Regular Bully Sticks


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Product Description

Regular Bully Sticks can have all dogs in the country drool for their all-natural and flavorful dog chews. These beef pizzles can keep your dog entertained for hours gnawing and chewing while working on its oral hygiene.

What are these made up of?

These bull pizzles are made in America and contain 100% pure beef. In addition, they are odor-free, purely natural and contain neither preservatives nor hormones. They are great natural beef treatsand good for your dog’s stomach. They are fully-digestible unlike rawhide and other dog chews that are full of chemical-laden ingredients that contribute to your pet’s indigestion.

How are they made?

Fibrous bull muscles are used to create them. These muscles are stretched and bent into shape. It is then preserved under the sun or baked into an oven to produce a chewy texture. The resulting product is about 20+ to 30+ inches in length. These are broken down into smaller pieces to provide a more manageable treat for your loved one. These treats are odorless in nature due to the entirety of its process—it is made in one building only. This process makes sure that the bull pizzles do not catch moisture for a lengthy period of time.

What kind of dogs will enjoy these beef pizzles?

These are perfect for little pups that are light chewers. Dogs chew them quickly and are proven to be excellent for smaller breeds of dogs. They are great for making your puppy occupied for a long time. Don’t be surprised if after watching a two-hour movie, you will find your cute little pup chewing off only a tiny tip of his thin dog treat. However, if your puppy is an aggressive chewer, you will realize that these skinny sticks won’t take much of his time.

Dogs go wild over these beef sticks because they enjoy their crunchiness and taste. Watch them drool buckets of saliva at the sight of a bully stick or at the smell of these bull pizzles. They are so amazing that a dog’s behavior is enough to know how they love these tantalizing Regular Bully Sticks.

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