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Thick Bully Sticks – USA Made


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Product Description

  • Thicker than 7/8″
  • All natural with ONE ingredient
  • 100% Beef
  • Easily digestible
  • No Hormones, preservatives, etc.

Thick Bully Sticks from Bully Stick Shoppe come from free range, grass fed Brazilian cattle and are all natural treats. You are getting a low fat treat for your dog when you get him or her a bully stick. When they are moistened by your dog’s saliva, they become chewy. This makes it no problem for your furry friend to digest them.

For medium and small sized dogs, the twelve inch Thick Bully Sticks are the ideal treat. Many of Bully Stick Shoppe’s competitors sell Thick Bully Sticks that are only six inches long. By cutting the size in half, they are able to charge less. When comparing prices, be sure to look at the bully stick size. You will find we have the best prices on the Internet for full size thick bully sticks: bulk or otherwise.
The Thick Bully Sticks are at least seven-eighths of an inch thick. They are made from one ingredient and one ingredient only: 100 percent beef. That means there are no preservatives or hormones added. The beef is dried out to provide a natural preservative.

Thick Bully Sticks Clean Your Pet’s Teeth While They Chew

While providing your dog with a satisfying chew, his teeth are naturally cleaned. Your dog has the natural instinct to chew. With a Thick Bully Stick, he can satisfy this instinct while reducing tartar and plaque buildup. Since they naturally massage the gums and teeth of your dog as he chews, a bully stick is one of the healthiest treats you can provide for your companion.
We vertically bake our bully sticks. By doing this, we make sure we have thoroughly drained the bully stick. Bully sticks that are baked lying flat are much more likely to have an unpleasant residual odor. The odor occurs because the contents of the bully stick are not drained.
It is best if you keep your Thick Bully Sticks in a plastic bag in the freezer or refrigerator if you purchase more than what your dog can eat in a week. Though bully sticks can last for quite a while outside of the refrigerator thanks to natural preservation, you can purchase larger quantities and have them stay fresh longer if you keep them in cold storage.
Pick up 100 percent all natural Thick Bully Sticks from Bully Stick Shoppe today if you want a healthy and special treat for your dog or adventurous feline.

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