What Are The Benefits Of Bully Sticks?

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dogs looking for bully sticksBully sticks for dogs are also known as pizzle sticks, beef sticks, and steer sticks. Although usually marketed in the form of dried muscles, they came from one of the bulls’ most subtle parts. Bully sticks are made with several widths, lengths, and styles that adhere a dog’s particular needs. Moreover, bully sticks are a hundred percent healthy to eat since they are safe and a fully contained beef.

The Benefits of Bully Sticks for Dogs

Bully sticks are becoming more popular nowadays since they serve as a perfect treat for your beloved dogs. The following are the benefits of bully sticks for dogs.

  1. All-Natural Bully Sticks.
    Compared to other dog treats available in the market, bully sticks are all natural. You can ensure that your dog is getting a healthy and clean treat since they do not contain any preservative or chemical that may harm your adored pet. In addition, bully sticks are a good source of protein and are fully digestible.
  2. Free of toxins.
    As mentioned, bully sticks are free of pesticides, chemicals, and dyes. The very components that make the bully stick make them easy to digest.
  3. A cleaner pet.
    With the use of bully sticks, you can conveniently improve the health and oral hygiene of your pet. They stop the development of cavity and forbid the build-up of tartar and plaque within its teeth.
  4. Quality.
    Manufacturing of bully sticks are monitored by the USDA, to make sure nothing gets passed without having quality ingredients.
  5. High in protein.
    Another benefit of bully sticks is they are essentially high in protein and significantly low in fat, making it the best treat not only for ordinary dogs but is also beneficial to the overweight ones. Aside from protein, they also contain vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium that is good for the bones.
    Overweight dogs who constantly chew bully sticks will eventually have a healthier physical body, as the nutrients inside the said treat will do their part to promote overall wellness. Average-sized dogs are also able to maintain a healthy and vigorous body through bully sticks.
  6. Avoid diseases.
    When dogs chew their bully sticks in a consistent basis, it can help in preventing not only tooth decay, inflammation, and oral pain, but can also assist in avoiding serious and dangerous diseases such as liver, heart, joints, and kidney disease that starts in a simple scattering of bacteria within the mouth of your pet that eventually affects the whole body.
  7. Not a choking hazard.
    The number one problem of other rawhide chew toys emerging in the market is the fact they pose a threat of choking hazard to many dogs, particularly the larger ones since they have the capability to break the chew toys into smaller pieces but still large enough to choke them in the throat.
    Fortunately, bully sticks are much less hazardous, as they are sturdy enough not to break into smaller pieces once used. However, you have to replace it with bigger ones once it becomes small.
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